Accordion Shutters

Storm Shutters and Shades’ Accordion Shutters have been designed with a patented offset screw boss that isolates the assembly screw from the hinging of the shutter blades which minimizes “hinge corrosion” which is the most common failure mode of all other accordions. The assembly screws can be easily lubricated, ensuring continuous and reliable operation and protection when you need it most. Eyewall Armor® Accordion Shutters offer the easiest and fastest one-step locking procedure in the industry. No additional locking rods or devices are required. They are also the tightest-stacking shutters on the market today and are virtually undetectable on your home.

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Storm Shutters and Shades 6.8 Accordion set the standard for how accordion shutters should be designed. All previous accordion shutter designs were inefficient and had limited life spans, some needing replacement in as little as 4 years. The combination of the offset screw boss and superior coatings makes this family of accordions the most durable and long-lasting available in the market today. The 6.8 is our “Mid-Rise” accordion meaning it has been designed for the higher wind loads found in most taller residential and commercial buildings.

Storm Shutters and Shades Streamline (SL) is our cost-effective residential accordion system option. While the SL Accordion is lighter and more cost-effective, it still has all the same features and benefits of our 6.8 System. The SL Accordion also meets the same testing and code requirements as the 6.8 System, while carrying the same approvals and evaluations. The SL has been optimized for strength and cost efficiency for the residential market.

Storm Shutters and ShadesHigh-Rise (H.R.) Accordion System has been designed to meet the toughest testing requirements and highest wind loads available in the world. The H.R. System shares the same features as our standard 6.8/SL Accordion Systems but is engineered specifically for high-rise, hi-performance structures which require much higher wind loads than residential and even mid-rise buildings. The H.R. System is capable of spans up to 15′-6″ in height and tested to pressures beyond 300psf, which translates to wind speeds well in excess of 300mph, significantly beyond any code in the world today. The H.R. System also meets the ultra stringent essential facilities code requirements which increase the 9-pound large missile from 50 feet per second to 80 feet per second! A 2 x 4 traveling at 80 feet per second will shoot right through a block wall!.

Technical Information

  • Offset Screw boss
  • The only hinge that can be lubricated
  • Unparalleled hurricane protection
  • Added property value
  • Unparalleled corrosion resistance
  • Long term durability
  • Easy maintenance and care
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Less obtrusive than any other accordion system
  • Designed to cover almost any type of opening
  • Fast and simple one-step locking
  • No additional locking rods required (i.e. no frozen thumb screws!)
  • Available in a choice of designer colors: White, Bronze, Ivory, and Beige
  • Professional in-house customer service and technical support