Colonial Shutters

Storm Shutters and Shades’ Colonial Shutters surpass the Florida Building Code HVHZ/non-HVHZ, the international building, and residential codes and the Texas Department of Insurance code requirements. Practical, effective, and convenient protection meets an aesthetically pleasing home addition with Eyewall Armor® Colonial Shutters will enhance the appearance of your home while providing superior hurricane protection against high winds and flying debris. Their ease of use makes them an ideal choice for ground level and upper floor window openings. The new sliding mount makes 2nd-floor operation quick and easy from the inside and when open, lends your home the decorative beauty of traditional shutters. Our Colonials can now incorporate the articulating blades from either the FullView™ or TC-UltraView™ Bahamas for unique applications and to enclose outdoor living areas.

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Technical Information

Fixed Louver Impact Colonial Licensed Under US Patent Nos. 6,543,188 and 6,877,28

  • Virtually maintenance-free operation
  • Aesthetically pleasing with architectural appeal
  • Superior hurricane protection
  • Enhanced privacy and security
  • Increased property value
  • Professional in-house customer service and technical support
  • Homeowner friendly lock-down procedure
  • Sliding mount allows for inside locking – ideal for 2nd story applications
  • Hybrid option allows both patented articulating louvers & solid louvers in the same frame
  • Hinged models feature solid 7/16″ high strength structural aluminum hinge pin