Hurricane Fabric Panels

Storm Shutters and Shades Hurricane Fabric can be cut to fit in a factory or right on the job by virtually anyone in a minimal amount of time with basic tools. As with all Eyewall Armor® Hurricane Protection products, the EA Hurricane Fabric is tested to the 9-lb large missile to meet and exceed all Florida, Texas and International Building Code test standards.

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More about Fabric Panels

This incredibly strong material is similar to ballistic Nylon with a weatherproof coating that attaches with easy to use clips which you can adjust on the job for ultimate placement. The fabric is semi-translucent so you can avoid that closed in “cave” feeling. It is lightweight for ease of installation and rolls up for simple easy storage almost anywhere. Unlike most of our competitors, the EA Hurricane Fabric is solid. It has no small pores to allow water to freely pass through which can lead to additional damage to your home.

  • Semi-Translucent which transmits light into the structure avoiding the blackout closed-in feeling when deployed
  • High strength coated nylon fiber weave with U.V. coating on both sides
  • Fabric can be cut with good quality shears available at many office and fabric supply stores
  • One-piece clips securely retain fabric with only three (3) #14 screws
  • Easily cut to match arched, round and irregular window shapes
  • Cover garage openings using a 2″ x 2″ x .125″ removable angle at the bottom

  • Maximum pressure is +/- 60 PSF at 120″ span