Why louvered roofs installed by Storm Shutters & Shades?

As outdoor living has become more popular, products have been developed to make spending time outside more enjoyable. Retractable awnings provide great shade, but poor durability. Traditional wood pergolas are more durable, but not all-weather. Porch roofs are exceptionally durable, but block too much light. The louvered roof pergola was designed to allow for shade when you need it and light when you don’t; protection from the elements or refreshing airflow; and great durability.

Our Louvered Roof is strong and durable because of rust-proof extruded aluminum yet beautiful and elegant because of the integrated assembly with the tongue-and-groove ceiling design. The product is manufactured in the USA with a 10-year limited warranty on the structure, and a 5-year limited warranty on the electronics. With unique features and beautiful design, we are confident you will love your new roof and the premium outdoor living it provides.

What Makes Our Louvered Roof Unique?

Louvers: Each louver has a tectonic arch and 6 vertical girders (this allows our louvers to span up to 25% farther than any other louver on the market), all louvers are rotated using a low-friction, stainless steel, ball bearing system (making our motor able to open more square feet of louvers which will last much longer). Each louver also has 2 large rain troughs to handle hard rains and a flat bottom side which provides a tongue-and-groove appearance when closed.

Gutter: The louvers drain into a 40% larger water carrying capacity than the competition, 2 patent pending LED light strip shelves, standard gutter screen option (only one in the industry), unique crown molding design.

Smart Phone Controller Option: Our louvered roof has the option of being controlled with a smart device, a hand-held remote which can control up to 16 bays.

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6 Ways To Take Control Of Your Outdoor Living

With the increase in outdoor living spaces people are looking for ways to spend more time in the space. Most patio covers or pergolas limit your use because you can’t control them.

Here is a great way to increase your outdoor living time. Install a louvered roof and control the louvers in 6 different useful ways.

By operating the motorized louvers with the remote control which take 16 seconds to fully open and fully close, you can adjust the shade exactly where you need it, any time you desire.

When you want sun on the patio or coming through your windows or patio doors you can easily get it by opening the louvers to provide up to 85% of the natural light.

The amazing thing about the Louvered Roof is when you open the louvers you get almost 100% ventilation because they are parallel with each other.

Because the Louvered Roof has interlocking louvers with a drip edge the rain simply runs in to the louver troughs and then out into the full perimeter gutter. It can then run into the post as a down spout or through a regular down spout. Finally it can be saved in a rain storage device or directed to water the lawn or garden.

The Louvered Roof is the best leaf control cover because the gutters are made to receive standard leaf screens, and because of the built in leaf control feature. This is how it works: the leaves fall on the louvers and you only open the louvers as much as need for sun and ventilation but not where they drop. Next, when you are ready to clean the leaves off (every 2 to 4 weeks) your cleaning people move the furniture and lay down a tarp. Then they open the louvers to 160° and the leaves drop down on the tarp. Leaves on the gutter screens can be swept or blown off. Finally you dump the leaves from the tarp into the garden or garbage bags and you’re done. This will give you a pretty much leave free area until the next time to clean.

We call 150° louver opening “Cleaning Mode”. This is because at that angle you can clean the top of the louvers from underneath. No other type of patio cover offers that feature only a louvered roof. You just open the louvers to 150° and take a garden hose to spray the top of the louvers clean. If needed you can use a soft brush and mild cleaner to get off any stubborn spots. Then close them and spray the bottom of the louvers clean.